The sky is falling down and so is my vagina...

...This is what I thought when a big lump of placenta landed on my sanitary towel two months after giving birth to my beautiful daughter Poppy. I thought labour was painful, but this was like passing an elephant through my vagina.


After having Poppy, I felt seriously ill. However, the hospital and my own GP told me there was nothing wrong with me, and that it was normal to feel like this after giving birth. In fact after my GP told me that I had an alarming amount of white blood cells in my latest count but still didn't seem too alarmed I paid privatley to get to the bottom of the problem.The only issue health visitors or gynaecologists from the NHS seemed to care about was that I was not breast feeding. The fact that I could not breast feed because I was so unwell ( FYI I had retained placenta and my blood count was half what an average womens should be) didn’t occur to them. Seven months later, after a lot of pain, fears that my vagina would fall out, unwelcome placenta-related surprises, postnatal depression, a lot of crying and a want for no other person to go through what I did with no support, I am here to help you!


My name is Elizabeth Hart and my volunteers and I want to make a difference in the local community and hopefully within the NHS in the future.



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Help! My vagina is falling out!


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Who are we? What do we do and what's all the  fuss about?

We are a non-for profit organisation run by volunteers that have experienced - either personally or professionally - the struggles of being a mother.  We want to work together to help anyone struggling with postnatal depression, pregancy or being a mother. At Help!My vagina is falling out! your vagina doesn't have to be falling out for our help! For practical or emotional support we are here to help you. Along with 'Birthrights' we are campaigning for respectful treatment of women during pregnancy and childbirth.

How can you help us?

Do you believe women should be treated with respect? Do you think every women going in to hospital to give birth should be treated as wonderfully as the next? No matter your age, religion, ethnicity or circumstance? If you do then you should join in our Mummy army and help those who are struggling within our community.

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We are still hearing all your stories positive or negative.